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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that focuses on thoughts, emotions, and behavior.  Intervention focuses on thoughts and behaviors to influence emotion positively.  For example, someone who feels depressed may experience negative thoughts which affect behavior, and in turn how they feel.  If this person has a thought such as "I can't handle the day today" they may avoid responsibilities or social outings.  This limits exposure to activities which improve mood and keeps them feeling depressed.  To intervene, the client may be asked to challenge their negative thinking or consider their behavior and how they can add in more activity.  CBT is a goal oriented and structured treatment.  It is designed to be time limited (5 to 20 sessions).  CBT is considered the most evidence backed intervention for a wide scope of issues.  This is why at Empower Psychotherapy CBT is central to the treatment offered.   

Can I use my Insurance?

Currently, most Aetna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield based plans are accepted.  Self-payment is also accepted via debit card, and credit card through an electronic invoice.  

What Type of Treatment is Offered for Couples?

Gottmann method therapy is offered for couples seeking support.  The Gottmann Method is a form of couples therapy that focuses on communication, positive interaction, conflict, management, and skill building.  The method utilizes the extensive research of Dr. John Gottmann and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottmann.  

What is the Purpose of ADD/ADHD Testing?

ADHD/ADD testing can be a means of confirming or testing for an ADHD/ADD diagnosis.  A written report is provided to clarify treatment goals, strengths and weaknesses related to diagnosis.  This report can help support requests for medication management services, requests for accommodations at work, and requests for academic accommodations.  

My Partner has ADD/ADHD and we are Struggling as a Couple.  What do we do?

We can help you! Gottman Method therapy is a highly regarded form of therapy that can be applied with education to both partners to support the relationship and management of ADHD/ADD.  Knowledge is power, and knowing what to expect from someone with ADHD/ADD and how to support them can empower both you and your partner to find harmony in your relationship. 

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